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Master CAN Pro Thinking to help your company develop telematics solutions that match customer's needs and drive sales.

CAN Pro video-course provides driving your career forward. You will learn CAN Scanner tool tech specs and interfaces, Galileosky features for working with CAN-bus, GPS device operation principles, settings for data receiving and transmission. At the end of the course, you will be able to find any CAN data from any vehicle using standard and non-standard protocols, and also send commands to a CAN-bus.

To get the CAN Pro certificate participants must find real CAN data from a CAN-bus log.

From basic knowledge of working with CAN-bus to Pro skills in vehicle control via CAN. You will find out how.

You will learn the interface, tools, functions, and lifehacks to work with the Galileosky CAN Scanner tool.

The new skills will allow you to create remote vehicle control system, prevent errors before they occur, and set up large-scale monitoring reports.

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